Earth: The beginning of life.

What kind of life is there on earth.There are about 80 lakh 70 thousand organisms on Earth, about 90 percent of them do not know anything.In the year 1691, John Ray had speculated that there are 20,000 species of insects on the planet. This number of John Ray has been quite behind, because now the … Read more

How did the earth come into existence?

Earth is the only planet of the Solar System, where life is.Earth is where we live.Earth’s history describes 4.6 billion years ago, from the creation of the planet, to the most important events and basic steps of its development till date.  Almost all the branches of natural science have contributed to clarifying the major events … Read more

The discovery of the solar system ?

Who is the solar system? In the Solar System, the Sun and many planets, astronomical objects are inserted, and all these celestial objects are bound by the gravitational force of each other in the Solar System.  Some orbits revolve around, the group of objects of these celestial bodies called the planetary system Which does not … Read more

Some 10 things about Hubble space telescope. Appears as a swirling wall of smoke in NGC 6530.
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